The Things to Do in December Edition
Posted at 8:00h, 29 Nov 2016 in Advice by Bonnie Halper No Comments 135 Likes Share

Due to the holidays, no editorial this week. Do hope you enjoyed yours, and a heads up: It’s the holiday party season, a time when things supposedly slow down, but do they really?  Reminder: it’s a very good time to get out there and meet new people – some of whom may be able to introduce you to people you need to meet in order to get you to the next level – and truth be told, investors never rest. They do like to kick back, however, and enjoy this time of the year as much as anyone else, but if you see them around town or at gathering, introduce yourself, get to know them, ask if it would be all right to follow up with them after the holidays – and do – and this above all: remember that tech never really rests, either. It is always moving…onward and forward.