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Good morning, All,

This week’s newsletter is on a more personal note, as we have several announcements.

At the last June breakfast, we announced that we had launched SiliconAlleyCats, a new consultancy with long-time SOS member Marc Prosser. Part of the inspiration for it came out of the breakfasts, where each month, we bring in a top investor to meet with a small group of entrepreneurs, address an aspect of investing, answer your questions, and give you a chance to pitch to them. Despite the fact that many of you have great ideas, we did notice that you don’t know how to present them, or yourselves: you tend to bury the lead. That’s what SiliconAlleyCats is here for: to provide help in three core areas – introductions to angel investors and venture capitalists, media strategy, and online marketing guidance. And you know the charge of SOS – we’re here to help. We can help you to refine your presentation, and we certainly know the investors.

We’ll also be building out the StartupOneStop website, starting with profiling the investors who have spoken at our breakfasts – and including some of the advice that they’ve shared with us. To those investors who’ve spoken and have made comments that were not to leave the room – your candor is always appreciated and we will honor your requests.

Speaking of the website, we’re also open to your suggestions, so let us know what you need, or what you think is missing out there in the world that you’d like to see us address.

Lastly, we’re no longer Editor In Chief at AlleyWatch, a position which we held since before the site was even officially launched. You know what they say: everything has an ending, except for a sausage, which has two. And you know us: we will always be big supporters of entrepreneurship, so let us know how we can help. As Brian Cohen, Chairman of the New York Angels, put it most succinctly at one of our breakfasts: working for someone else is the closest thing to slavery. Looking forward to working with you more closely as we go onward and forward.