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Good morning, All,

We’ve been seeing pieces on this so-called make money or serve humanity dilemma more and more lately and we’re frankly baffled, if not gobsmacked. Where’s the fire?

In case you missed it, Twitter ‘quietly’ announced their plans for an IPO. It’s twitter, and how long did it take before it was headline news and trending on you-know-what. There’s no doubt that twitter has disrupted the world, 140 characters at a time, since not too long after its inception, although it was hardly an overnight success. Still, soon enough, keeping messages short and to the point, it disrupted the way we share news – and break it. It also helped to change human history, from the global (Arab spring) to the local (US Airways Flight 1549’s emergency landing in the Hudson River was first reported on twitter and emergency rescue was quickly dispatched – no lives lost).

Just for the record, Jack Dorsey’s original vision for the service was for it to serve as a communications tool for EMS workers – but it also turned out to be the perfect tool for the ADD/ADHD set. So it was developed to serve humanity – yet the IPO reported has the company valued at $100 billion, and we don’t believe that the founders/team will find themselves in any sort of moral dilemma walking away as billionaires. Win-win, and they’re already busy disrupting news once again with, in case you’ve not yet checked out, medium.

Although we do find it amusing that twitter, of all companies, is being so secretive about the filing…

Social good is a noble concept, to be sure, and using its broadest definition, had it not been for Dorsey’s desire to help make first responders even more responsive, there’d be no twitter, and who knows the countless lives it has saved and/or changed. Dorsey’s had a purpose in mind, and he put his technology out there. His first tweet: just setting up my twttr. It wasn’t ‘Just setting up my twttr so that I can change/save the world,’ which he certainly had enough characters for. He didn’t need to. Build something truly useful, and the world will beat a path to your door. Onward and forward.


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For you edification this week:

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Reading Jeff Bezos. The author compiled all of Bezos’s letters to his shareholders, from 1997-2011. Read together, it’s essentially a 15 year narrative of building long-term value in technology and also a history of the Internet and e-commerce.

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Lewis Black’s issues with his smartphones. Hilarious!

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