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Good morning, All, and a very happy St. Patrick’s Day to you this week as well.

So, have you noticed how nice and quiet it is in town this week with the kids all away at South By? If you’re in town tonight, stop in for the Third Annual NxNYC at the Empire Room, Empire State Building – and there will be free appetizers. Did you notice how many South By tweets were free-food related? The ones that weren’t drinking related of course, and having dutifully followed our buds – via twitter, of course – since their arrivals at AUS, and despite the fact that we’ve never been there, we now know Austin party location like the back of our hand and will not be ordering Tex-Mex again any time soon. But hope to see you tonight at NxNYC:  7 pm – 10. http://nxnyc2011.eventbrite.com

Tick tick tick: Applications for the DreamIt Ventures Summer Program are due tomorrow! Where does the time go? Oh, that’s right, we just lost an hour:
Up to $25,000 of seed funding per company. ($5,000 plus $5,000 for each founding team member (up to four) who will be onsite for the program).
Introductions to VCs and angel investors and an opportunity to pitch to dozens of them at Demo Day
A weekly Speaker Series and regular check-ins with your Mentors and the DreamIt Managing Partners
Apply as a company or as an individual: http://www.dreamitventures.com/apply/

Deadline is tonight for Startup Chile! The Chilean government will provide $40,000 subsidy (no equity) to your start-up. Yes, if you have an early stage idea, Chile will provide you US$40k to kick start the idea. The only catch: you have to live in Chile for 24 weeks during the program. Throughout the year, there will be 3 application rounds and up to 300 projects selected. More information and to apply:  http://www.startupchile.org/
Round 1: Opening Tuesday February 15th, 2011 (closing date: 3.15.11)
Round 2: July 4th, 2011 (tentative)
Round 3: October 3rd, 2011 (tentative)

And the application deadline (April 30th) for Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator will be here before you know. Get a $25k investment for your startup; 3 months of free collaborative office space; access to 140+ mentors, including Fred Wilson, Esther Dyson, John Frankel, Brian Cohen, David Pakman, Jeff Stewart and Howard Morgan (and yours truly); one-on-one hands on support and free legal services and support from ERA partners. Good work and congratulations, Murat, and for more information and to apply: http://bit.ly/eB43sg
And congratulations to Murat and the Accelerator, for being written up…everywhere!
New York City Gets a New Startup Incubator (Fortune) http://bit.ly/fPduVr
Entrepreneurs Roundtable Jumps Into Accelerator Game (The New York Observer): http://bit.ly/dEuBSx
Entrepreneurs Roundtable launches New York City startup accelerator (Venturebeat) http://bit.ly/fCjVws
Here’s How to Get $25,000 And Free Office Space For Three Months http://read.bi/fAbhvW

The next Entrepreneurs Roundtable will be March 23, with featured VC Lewis Gersh of Metamorphic Ventures – and a number of the ERA mentors will also be in attendance, so come if you can, and it’s free to attend: http://bit.ly/e0cl1b

Speaking of accelerators, incubators and angels, Graham Lawlor’s Ultra Light Startup on Seed Funding was outstanding – and streamed, so if you can’t be in NYC for the next one, you can still participate via live stream, always. This week, Graham premiers UltraLight.TV, a live, web-based TV show premiering Friday, March 18 at 2pm EST. The show features startup community news plus pitches and advice from the founders of successful online businesses. Panelists and guests are primarily founder/CEO’s of technology and media companies that have achieved significant commercial success without external funding (ie by bootstrapping). Rather than being “judged,” the startups pitching will receive helpful, practical advice and connections. This “real-time mentorship” should be useful not only to the startups pitching, but also to the viewing audience, so make sure to tune in! Watch for free online at UltraLight.tv.

Geoworld Spring Summit is May 12th, and early bird rates end March 23rd. A must-attend for anyone working at the intersection of mobile, web, technology, media, marketing and retail, the fast-paced event includes a networking reception and panels on hyperlocal content, location tech platforms, place-based advertising and augmented reality. More information at http://geoworldsummit.com/ To register: http://geoworldsummit.com/#registration

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This week’s reading:

From our friends at chubbybrain.com and so appropriate for this week’s newsletter: NYC Startup Accelerators – A Quick & Dirty Guide, because reverse due diligence is always a good thing: http://bit.ly/ensmUS

Get Funded Faster – and isn’t that the holy grail after all? http://bit.ly/dQVMBL

The 4-Hour Workweek is shockingly good and may change your life forever! According to the blogger, who happens to be superangel Fabrice Grinda, “it’s less the book’s life philosophy that struck me (since it mostly eschews one), than its extremely practical productivity improving advice. In many cases, I had already reached similar conclusions… The difference is that I got there through lifelong trial and error while you can get there by reading the book.” Otay! http://bit.ly/eBqpEd

Also from chubbybrain, Venture Capital Blogs that are Truly Useful for Entrepreneurs (And Not Whoring It Up for Pageviews & Attention). They only provide a short list, and always good to know: http://bit.ly/hJdd9Z

Finally, our prayers are with the people of Japan and to remind us that we’re all in this together, even further repercussions from the Japanese earthquake: Earth’s day length shortened by Japan earthquake. The quake also shifted how the planets mass is distributed: http://bit.ly/iaFCut

Our work here is done, this week. Your turn and as always, help is on the way…