The Internet Funnel
Posted at 11:12h, 26 Apr 2016 by Bonnie Halper 1 Comments 135 Likes Share
Bill Gurley wrote an excellent post last week on Why the Unicorn Financing Market Just Became Dangerous…For All Involved. It’s a must read, as the investing landscape has changed dramatically, courtesy of the outrageous number of unicorns, many of whom are still functioning under old paradigms: traction over profits; marketing/perception uber alles; too big to fail. Gurley warns about a new twist in the landscape: sharks with dirty term sheets, whom he defines as “sophisticated and opportunistic investors that instinctively understand the aforementioned biases of the participants and know exactly how to craft investments that can exploit the situation. They lie in wait of these exact situations, and salivate at the opportunity to exercise their advantage.” It’s terra incognita and definitely not for the faint of heart – or the young and inexperienced (ahem). “Dirty term sheets are a ma...
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Disruption/Deception: The Other Side of Tech
Posted at 11:11h, 19 Apr 2016 by Bonnie Halper 1 Comments 135 Likes Share
It wasn’t the best week for startups. In case you missed it, Beacon, the all-you-can-fly travel startup that raised $8.5M, and which promised to transform aviation, was permanently grounded last week, as was Shuddle, the Uber for getting kids around, who had raised over $12M in hopes of, we guess, disrupting soccer moms. Then there’s Theranos, which, we believe, is the only female-founded unicorn, and which promised better, faster lab tests, supposedly using revolutionary, proprietary blood-testing technology that the company said required only a few drops of blood, instead of the usual vial. And speaking of drops, while the company was valued at $9B at one point, Theranos may well reach zero in not too long a time. The company’s troubles started a few months back, with a Wall Street Journal expose (Hot Startup Theranos Has Struggled With Its Blood-Test Technology, which claimed that the ...
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The Startup, Redefined
Posted at 11:10h, 12 Apr 2016 by Bonnie Halper 1 Comments 135 Likes Share
Cockroaches, Unicorns, Startups. Enough Already!, said Om Malik. “I get really annoyed by these dumb labels that are put on startups…These made up words represent a limited grasp on vocabulary of those who are seeking cheap attention. As an investor, what I don’t look for is startups that come with dumb labels, popularized by reporters who don’t know what the hell they are talking about and are looking for cheap slogans to put on their click bait bullshit headlines.” Truth be told, that whole startup lexicon is rife with misleading terms – beginning with the term ‘startup’ itself. There’s no simple math for startups, and if it were up to us, ‘startups’ would be used much less, and banned in the tech sector completely.
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The Slaves of Technology, Too
Posted at 11:09h, 05 Apr 2016 by Bonnie Halper 1 Comments 135 Likes Share
Back in the pre-bubble days of Web 1.0, we wrote a piece called, “How to Get Rich in Silicon Alley – The First Wave.”  We still have it, for those of you who’d like to see it; it’s too long to include here – and part of it was a ‘guide’ to how to keep employees chained to their desks by incentivizing them with anything but money, which, of course, as founders, you wanted to keep for yourselves. That was then and this is now and not much has changed in all quarters of technology, except for company names and maybe a slightly different lexicon. ‘Millenials’ is a new one and we’re actually not attacking you all here, so calm down. This is meant to be instructional. Millennials are being dot.conned by cult-like tech companies, said this New York Post piece about “Fake Steve Jobs” Dan Lyons, a former HubSpot writer who now writes for “Silicon Valley,” as in the HBO show,...
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