The Slaves of Technology
Posted at 11:08h, 29 Mar 2016 by Bonnie Halper 1 Comments 135 Likes Share
Of course, it’s really one point, when you get down to it. Between the high California taxes, outrageous rents ($250K Per Year Salary Could Qualify For Subsidized Housing Under New Palo Alto Proposal) and mushrooming number of H1B visa holders taking jobs formerly filled by American-born workers, meaning that American-born workers would have to take a considerable pay cut to compete with the auslanders, it’s all about quality of life. As a recruiter, we will honestly tell you that salaries for tech workers haven't significantly changed since the ‘90s, despite the fact that the cost of living has risen considerably in the venerated tech hubs - specifically, Silicon Valley and New York City - and rent/home ownership costs have skyrocketed.   And lest we forget, “…More than 80 percent of H-1B visa holders are approved to...
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Startup Lessons Learned – Or Not
Posted at 11:07h, 22 Mar 2016 by Bonnie Halper 1 Comments 135 Likes Share
April is the cruelest month, wrote T.S. Eliot. It also marks the end of Q1 in a year abounding with unicorpses, so this may be a good time to take a look at the startup and investment landscape. Especially since, as CBInsights recently pointed out, many paper unicorns will be looking for more funding very soon (D-Day for Unicorns – When Will We Know if the Bubble Has Actually Popped?) and it’ll be interesting to see what happens, especially considering layoffs many of those companies are experiencing, and Snapchat’s recent flat round. Hate to state the obvious, but isn’t the definition of a successful business one that makes money? And ...
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Do Not Pass Go: Man Versus the Machine
Posted at 11:06h, 15 Mar 2016 by Bonnie Halper 1 Comments 135 Likes Share
Not long ago, Stephen Hawking warned that because people would be unable to compete with an advanced AI, it “could spell the end of the human race.” Elon Musk has weighed in with his concerns, too, warning that AI could be more dangerous than nukes. Those who found themselves amused by Google’s robots that could pick themselves up, but were still not quite a match for the guy who knocked them down, or watched a Google robot dog play with a real dog, might have considered Hawking's and Musk's comments as needlessly promoting fear-mongering, as they were jumping the gun on some possible far-off dystopian future, the operative being ‘far-off,’ given the various foibles of the robots.Technology, including AI and robotics, were still i...
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Notes from the Reputation Economy
Posted at 11:05h, 08 Mar 2016 by Bonnie Halper 1 Comments 135 Likes Share
Ever notice that Facebook doesn’t have a ‘dislike’ button? You can ‘unlike’ something, once you’ve liked it, but you’re not allowed to ‘dislike’ a post. Dissing is evidently verboten. Bret Easton Ellis recently posted a piece on Living in the Cult of Likability and, let’s face it, your posts are defining your ‘brand,’ lest we forget that you are the product, after all. “Instead of embracing the true contradictory nature of human beings, with all of their biases and imperfections, we continue to transform ourselves into virtuous robots. This in turn has led to the awful idea — and booming business — of reputation management, where a firm is hired to help s...
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Tech: The Fine Print and the Things that No One Tells You
Posted at 11:04h, 01 Mar 2016 by Bonnie Halper 1 Comments 135 Likes Share
As 37 Angels founder Angela Lee pointed out when she spoke at a recent SOS Investor Breakfast, it takes 10 years to build a company. We know that that seems like a lifetime to many young founders for whom 10 years is nearly half of their lives to date, and it’s tough to be patient when you hear about companies becoming unicorns seemingly overnight (although let’s not forget that many have been downgraded and the unicorpse count seems to be growing (Total Number of Downrounds Since 2015: 56 – and CBInsights now has a Down Round Tracker. Sign of the times). It’s all well and good to want to move fast and break things (Facebook) or to ask forgiveness, not permission (general tech mantra), but here’s Why Zenefits and Other Tech Upstarts are Getting Their Comeuppance. In other words, playing fast and loose with re...
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