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Good morning, All,

It’s been quite a year. Dell went private. Twitter went public. And so did Edward Snowden. The bottom line: we learned that technology is a double-edged nuclear weapon. We always knew we were being tracked. For years now, any google search showed us that, given the targeted ads that we were then delivered. We just were unaware all of our information was being turned over to the government. By all of the big players.

Transparency, wasn’t  it?

Forbes just released its list of The World’s 12 Most Powerful Entrepreneurs Of 2013. Not that you couldn’t name most of them – they’re the usual suspects. What intrigued us more is the extent to which Silicon Valley, or more specifically, the elitist attitude of the self-designated Chosen, got slammed this past year. It was Peter Thiel who said, ”We wanted flying cars. Instead we got 140 characters.” The real question is, what are those characters really up to? As we all prognosticate about what’s ahead for the new year, what do you suppose they see for the future? Self-driving cars? Wearable tech? Eradicating age-associated diseases? Silicon Valley finally achieving its quest for the ultimate exit – from the country? Yes, they’re talking about one nation, under tech. Confusing, considering that they already seem to be living in their own world. But if you connect the dots, you realize that these techno robber barons aren’t merely looking to secede from the country.  With their hubris, they see themselves as being above the laws of church and state, and man and nature. Their true endgame: to secede from the human race. Now you know and happy new year. Onward and forward.


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