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Good morning, All,

Credit where credit is due: a great deal of tech has come out of Silicon Valley that has changed the world. Visionaries, yes, to a point. But then there’s the side to Silicon Valley that doesn’t get a lot of press.

Facebook announced recently that they’re building their own employee housing complex. What the article doesn’t mention is that Facebook is located near a very dangerous area. Google, Facebook, Twitter – all provide their employees with incredible perks, from free lunches to dry cleaning on the premises.

Many of these companies get or have gotten tax breaks to keep jobs in the area, and to help build the local economy. Then proceeded to devise elaborate schemes to evade paying taxes. Here’s how you, too, can do it. Bottom line is: California is home to some of the biggest, wealthiest companies on the planet. Yet the state is bankrupt.

Free lunches, affordable housing. Haven’t we read this book before? ? Or some variation thereof: company stores, company housing. They might not be slums this time around, but it’s a similar playbook. They’re not taking most of your salaries this time around, but they are keeping you tethered to your very cool desks in your very cool offices. And they’re starting to wield incredible political power as well.

Careful there.

The twitter IPO is going to mint many a new millionaire, and even billionaires and good for them, but always good to look on the other side of the coin: Twitter held “San Francisco hostage, threatening to move hundreds of jobs unless they received special tax relief on payroll taxes and on profits from an IPO.”  While the world was discussing its IPO, Twitter was making a case to justify massive tax breaks it received from the city of San Francisco.

These people are basically the robber barons of the Information Age. Which is fine, as long as we’re willing to call a spade a spade. Again, we need to stop deifying them: they’re businessmen, doing what businessmen have always done, despite the fact that they’re held up as pure visionaries who are changing the world. At the end of the day, so far, they simply changed the way that the world communicates.  Onward and forward.


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Kudos this week go to Lily Liu (who happens to be one of my heroes) Borough Unveils ‘MyCarteret’ Smartphone App. She’s founder of PublicStuff.

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